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How would you like the option of a stress-free move or relocation?


Transfer & Relocate

How would you like the option of a stress-free move or relocation?

Would you like a hassle free and peaceful transition from one home to another?

Those who have undergone a house move or relocation before will agree that it is one of the most challenging life events, both emotionally and physically. In a recent poll, two thirds of people voted moving at the top of their stress list, with it triggering anxiety than relationship breakdowns, divorce and starting a new job.

Moving can be one of life’s most stressful experience, because it demands having to cope with change. Moving or relocating represents a transition in life, it is about change and unfamiliarity, which for many people this causes tension, worry and anxiety. Many of us like familiarity, routine and order. You are not just changing your home, you are getting to know your new home with your family; you might be in a new town, city or country, you may have to find new schools for your children and the most important GP and dentists.

This is why, we at HB Agency take this part of your journey very seriously, this gives you more time with your family and causes less pressure and stress on yourself.

Transfer & Relocate

How does this work?


  • We actively listen to you and the needs of your family in a secure and trusted environment.
  • We assure you with full support from our professional team members, who have full training in moving and relocating.


  • An individual who can fully devote their time to their family, career and social life.
  • A budget to suit all needs.
  • Security, safety and reliability towards you, your family, and belongings.


  • Transparency & Authenticity
  • Confidentiality & Discretion
  • Speed & Quality
  • Exclusivity & Security

“The state of mind and well-being of our members makes all the difference”.

Our Award Worthy Packages

Flat Rate Essential Package

Termination of old lease

Choice of moving company and follow up on the day

Research of future accommodation

Book viewing appointments

Flat Rate Premium Package

Essential packaging included PLUS

Furniture purchase and assembly service

Assistance with set up utility accounts

Change of address standard mail

School registration

Flat Rate V.I.P Package

Essential & Premium package included PLUS

Searching & furnishing the property with a choice of standard to luxury items

Search and register children for extra-curriculum activities

Telephone availability

Assistance for 1 month

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